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I'm a Strong Girl!
Tuesday, 8 July 2014 | 07:10 | 0 Comment ?


I'm back! After a month! Hihi :D

June, taught me so many things. Yang pasti memang penuh dengan air mata. I don't know why. But I keep doing the same mistake. Even dah tahu mesti akan terjadi again and again. To be honest, I'm tired of getting hurt for the reason. Memang betul lah cakap orang, bila hati dah sayang ni, even berapa kali pun kita terluka, kita pasti akan tutup mata jaa. Act like nothing happened before. But deeply inside nobody's know. 

I keep asking myself the same question. "When is my turn to be happy?" Even though I know, happiness is an option. You can choose to be happy. But look, what I've done? Bila ingat balik rasa macam entah la payah nak gambarkan. My mind is saying "forget that person". My heart is saying "Don't let go". Ohhh please. Apa semua ni? I'm tired of everything! I know things happened for a reason. People changed. Feelings faded. I'm well aware of that. Even kadang-kadang rasa diri ni belum sedia untuk semua tu. You used to be my favorite person, you used to be the reason for my tears and now you've become a stranger. hm

Now, pelan-pelan belajar untuk terima. I realized one thing that, they don't love me. The only know me when they need me hm. Jika Allah tak detikkan hati dia buat kita. Bukan bermakna Allah tak beri apa yang kita inginkan. I believe that Allah dah rancang lebih baik untuk aku. Missing a person that doesn't miss or need you at all. There's pointless right? There's no point nak sacrifice dekat orang yang tak tahu nak value ni. Same goes to tears. Cry on a person that doesn't value your tears at all. Useless lah! Haha jangan buang masa kau Sofia! Biarlah kau hidup sorang pun. Biar hidup susah! Jangan hidup menyusahkan orang lain!

Haha biar lah. Dah malas nak fikir. It's time to focus on my study! Tak boleh nak layan sangat benda laqhaa semua ni. Result sem 1 dah rosak. Sem 2 pun dok nampak gaya nak rosak. Takkan sem 3 pun nak biar macam tu jugak? Ohh jangan Sofia jangan! So keep calm, head up, fake smile and move on :)

I'm a strong girl!
I keep my shit in line.
Even if tears falling down my wet cheek.
I can still say those two words.

After a while,
I look in the mirror and realized.
After all those hurts,
scars and bruises,
After all those trials,
I really made it through.
I did it!
I survived
That which was supposed to kill me.
So I straightened my crown
And walk away LIKE A BOSS!

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