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Friday, 24 August 2012 | 21:53 | 0 Comment ?


The time has come. I'm going to be sitting in the school hall for SPM trial tomorrow. Yeah tomorrow, and for the next day until this 11th September. This may take a long time to finish all the subjects that I've registered to. To be honest, I still didn't enough study for this trial. Just wasting my time on other thing. Aidilfitri anyway :) huaaaaa feel like wanna crying right now. But what to do, I don't have the authority to postpone this trial. I do really hope that you guys wish me all the luck for this trial exam. There may be among of you thinks that " alahhhh baru trial, belum SPM lagi. Chill ahhhh " but not for me. It is very very very important for me :(  OK then. I'll stop posting here until the end of the trial. Same goes to facebooking jyeahhh. Just find me at twitter . * Sorry for my broken English

Aku pegang kata-kata teacher. Biar susah sekarang ni, jangan menyesal bila dah dapat result nanti. So, uncle, aunty, kakak-kakak, abang-abang, adik-adik, kawan-kawan, do wish me luck for this trial exam jyeah. For those whom in the same situations as me, I wish you all the best in you trial exam. 

Sofieya Nasarudin 

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